Advantages of properties for sale in Istanbul

Choosing a property in Istanbul to live or invest in is an idea surrounded by many encouraging advantages such as:

Real estate prices in Istanbul are competitive with European and international prices

The real estate market in Istanbul is very lively, and the movement of buying and selling in it is striking and encouraging ownership

Istanbul has a large group of strong infrastructure such as airports, hospitals, bridges, highways and modern transportation lines, all of which is positively reflected on the advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

Distinguished residential complexes with perfect services

Ownership procedures in Istanbul are easy and real estate laws help foreigners to own real estate easily

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by buying real estate in Istanbul with a value of at least 250 thousand US dollars.


Buying a property in Istanbul Turkey

Whoever wants to own a property in Istanbul must obtain real estate advice from experts in this regard, and we at Fanar Realty offer this service with more comprehensive and integrated services that make your residence in Istanbul and your real estate investment in it one of the easiest and most profitable steps.