Stores for sale in Istanbul 

Searching for stores for sale in Istanbul in order to own one of them, is an important step on the road to investment and making money for every dreamer of owning a project of his own and succeeding in it, but in order to take that step correctly, you must search well in the types of stores business in Istanbul; To know what kind you will take for your business, the prices of stores in Istanbul; In order to be able to make a presentation that fits your budget, let us know this information for a feature-packed project.

Types of stores in Istanbul

There are many options for owning a store in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

Food stores

During your search for stores for sale in Istanbul, keep in mind that the food project, if implemented correctly, never fails. People will not stop eating anywhere on this earth, and the chances of success increase when you serve food from your country in a strange country that you do not know; Because you arouse curiosity and a desire to experiment in the hearts of people. If you are from an Arab country and travel to Istanbul and want to own a store of your own, choose a food project and bring them your culture and the smell of your original country, and your project will undoubtedly succeed.

Clothing and fabric stores:

I do not know whether you have seen the movie The Dealer or not, dear reader, but do you remember Ahmed El-Sakka’s first job after his arrival in Istanbul? 

He worked in the clothing and textile trade; Because it is one of the most popular and profitable businesses in Istanbul, the city where people of all cultures and ethnicities meet, and is witnessing great economic openness; So keep in mind, when you are looking for stores for sale in Istanbul, that you try to hire an expert in the clothing and fabrics market, and take the step of investing in this project to reap abundant profits from it.


A city like Istanbul is witnessing a large number of tourists from different nationalities, and it is crowded with them throughout the year. These tourists definitely need a place to take a break before continuing their tour or to sit in it for a drink after they finish it, so while you are looking for stores for sale in Istanbul, Think of opening a café after you have purchased it, and here, too, you must be aware that you bring something of your culture to that café, If you are Syrian, for example, this must appear in the decor and atmosphere of the café, to be attractive to tourists from there and tourists who love that culture.

Grocery store

At the end of each day, every head of the family is looking to meet the needs of his house before he goes up to his children, he passes through the nearby grocery store and buys milk, cheese, and some sweets for his young children, so groceries are indispensable anywhere in the world, and their success is 100% sure, end your search for Stores for sale in Istanbul by finding a store near a residential area, turning it into a grocery store, and providing it with all the necessities of the family, while preparing some offers that will attract customers, and you will achieve success shortly after the opening. 

For each of the options of the previous stores, there are all the ingredients for opening your vital project in the city of Istanbul, which is one of the most active cities around the world and the most consuming and in need of stores.

Advantages of owning a store in Istanbul

  • The Turkish government provides many facilities to invest in the real estate sector and encourages foreigners to pump their money into the Turkish economy, by treating them as Turks in terms of regulations and laws, and providing the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the real estate investment portal, so it is very promising and encouraging.

  • The most guaranteed projects are real estate investment projects, where you put your money in the form of a property whose price increases over time, with the spread of facilities and changes in the city’s landmarks and facilities and the increase in its services, so you will be able to sell it after years of buying it at double the price, so the percentage of risk in this type of investment is limited.

  • You do not need to undertake the task of opening and managing a project yourself, but you can simply make it available for rent and set conditions in the rental contract that its value will increase to the tenant according to agreed terms when signing the contract, and after the end of the period, one of them will appear looking for stores for sale in Istanbul, You can then sell it to the store and make a profit.

Tips before buying a store in Istanbul

  • During your search for stores for sale in Istanbul, take with you on your trip a legal expert in the Turkish real estate investment market, do not forget to make sure that your store is legal, it will save you from many unnecessary problems in the future, the Turkish government is encouraging real estate investment, legal partners each step; So as not to make them turn on you.

  • It is possible and even a better option to seek a commercial store that is part of a comprehensive shopping center, and here you have to take into account many things, such as the location of the center in Istanbul, how close it is to vital areas, and the availability of means of transportation leading to it. And, of course, the presence of car parks within its scope; In order for the pioneers not to be bothered in searching for a place to park the car, their main concern when coming to you should be buying and not parking the car, speaking of buying, ATMs and elevators must be available, all of these things are necessary and give you a great competitive advantage over the rest of the commercial centers, so study these things well, while searching for stores for sale in Istanbul.

  • If you do not know where to go, all roads lead to nothing, wisdom is written in gold water, you must bear it in mind and look for stores for sale in Istanbul, you must know what you are seeking to buy that store, if you want to invest, go to the major malls and own a store in them, then rent it to one of the major brands at a high price. If you want to trade on your own, you have to find the right market here to open your business, and look into the matter of competing merchants and how they deal with the market, And attract customers to benefit from the sum of those experiences in launching your project properly.

  • In order for you to be able to trade and succeed, or to find someone to rent from you the store that you have purchased and get a good amount from him, you, as a merchant or the tenant of your store, must feel safe on yourself and your goods, and that your customers also feel safe for themselves and their money when they come to you. Therefore, you must choose a place that makes you safe from all danger. If it is a commercial center, there must be a tight security system, and if you are in a market, you must make sure that there are police forces capable of protecting you and your customers and your business at all times. The safety factor greatly increases the value of your business. Don't forget this rule. 

The idea of ​​searching for stores for sale in Istanbul is not a difficult idea, but it is important to make the right choice, which Fanar Realty can give you through its special offers and competitive prices. Own a store with a high investment value and a distinguished profit return as well.