Apartments for sale in Turkey is our comprehensive guide article to assist you in your search for flats for sale in Turkey and own a new property in your name and benefits from the advantages of real estate ownership in Turkey.

in this article, you will learn all the detailed information about the reasons for buying real estate in Turkey, and which is the best Turkish province for ownership, also we will provide you with distinguished real estate statistics that help you gain a better understanding of buying Turkish apartments for sale in Turkey, and certainly, we will have a pause with the legal procedures for ownership, and will introduce the Fanar realty services in this field to ensure you the maximum benefit of your property.

If you are one of the millions who are looking for apartments in Turkey we strongly recommend you to read this article.

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why should you look for Apartments for sale in Turkey?

There are three main goals for those who are considering owning an apartment in Turkey, which are:

Living in Turkey

The desire of settling in Turkey is one of the targets of hundreds of thousands of foreigners since we daily see dozens of foreign families visiting the title deed Departments (Tapu) in various Turkish provinces, not to mention the intensive searches for apartments for sale in Turkey by foreigners, Europeans, Arabs, and other nationalities, due to several reasons:

1. Turkey is a developed civilized country.

2. It is easy to adapt to life in Turkey and integrate with Turkish society.

3. Availability of great job opportunities.

4. Security and stability.

5. Stable social, political, and economic life.

6. low cost of living in Turkey relatively.

7. Studying in Turkey is very suitable for children of foreign communities.

8. The charming nature of Turkey.

9. Turkish peoples are very kind, companion, and hospitable people.

10. Also, real estate prices in Turkey are relatively reasonable and are much lower than real estate prices in neighboring European countries.

Therefore, moving to live in Turkey has become one of the important plans for thousands of foreigners annually, and that is what the annual statistics indicate through the significant increase in the number of properties sold to foreigners in Turkey during the last period.

Real estate investing

The importance of investing in apartments for sale in Turkey is no less important than the importance of housing, where thousands of foreign investors are watching the real estate development in Turkey, along with many temptations that motivate them to buy apartments in Turkey and invest them in a way that generates the required profits.

furthermore, Real estate investment is characterized by several advantages that already made it at the top of the list of investment plans of senior businessmen in the Middle East, including:

1. Ease of legal procedures for real estate ownership in Turkey.

2. The abundance of distinguishing real estate options and projects.

3. The continuous Turkish urban transformation plan guarantees the construction of approximately 7 million apartments during the period between 2012 and 2023.

 Turkey has accomplished large steps of this plan, and it is expected according to this plan to establish approximately 18 million residential apartments by 2050, which indicates huge effort and significant development in the real estate sector in Turkey.

4. Different development projects that have made significant leaps in the value of the real estate in Turkey, such as New Istanbul Canal" which is considered one of the biggest projects expected to have a great impact on the real estate values in the country.

5. The short period of capital recovery rate in Turkey is one of the important motivations to invest in the real estate sector, especially residential ones.

6. The variety of options for real estate investment in different sectors, tourism, educational, and health sectors, which always attracts tourists, students, workers, and patients, who wish to live for short or long periods in Turkey.

Obtain Turkish citizenship

In general, housing and investment in the real estate sector can be found in any country around the world, with some differences in which Turkey excels over others, but if we want to talk about Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in Turkey, this feature in itself is considered a great motivation for real estate ownership in Turkey.

Since the declaration of the amendment of Turkish citizenship low in 2018 regarding granting Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, Turkey has become a destination for thousands of businessmen and wealthy people around the world who are thinking of settling outside their countries and establishing a new beginning, a new life, a step towards a future of investments and various commercial and economic activities.

Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

In general, we can categorize Istanbul as the best state to buy real estate in Turkey, and you can find more information about this state through our comprehensive article: Apartments for sale in Istanbul

But if we speak about other places rather than Istanbul, we will find 5 Turkish provinces that represent the first choice for those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, which are:


It is the political capital of Turkey and has special significance for many foreign communities.

1- It is considered a city suitable for the life of families and young people.

2- There are good job opportunities.

3- Real estate prices are reasonable and lower than Istanbul real estate prices.

4- A clean, vital city that receives very great government attention.

5- The Turkish capital does not have a coast on the sea, and this is one of the negative aspects that Ankara suffers from.

6- The state includes large numbers of foreign communities.

7- The city's climate is rather good and tends to be cold in winter.


It is considered the tourist capital of Turkey and is sometimes described as an open-air tourist resort, therefore it ranks high in the field of real estate sales, especially for foreigners, because real estate investment in Antalya is considered a real gain and provides a respectable profit return.

It has a clean and clear coastline next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered one of the important coastal cities because of its moderate climate, the various tourism activities, as well as the quality of its hotels and various entertainment facilities.

The most foreign buyers of Antalya real estate are Russians and Europeans.


It is A city close to Istanbul, separated by the Marmara Sea, and it is possible to travel from Istanbul to Bursa by ship, in addition, Bursa mediates the distance between the two largest cities in Turkey, "Istanbul" and "Ankara".

The state ranks fourth in Turkey in terms of population, as well as in terms of the number of foreigners living.

It is considered an industrial and tourist city, and its real estate prices are reasonable and much lower than the prices at major tourist cities such as "Antalya", it has witnessed governmental interest during the past years that made it a suitable city for housing and investment.


It is considered one of the important tourist cities in Turkey, which combines the charm of nature and the ancient historical monuments, and its location near Istanbul has increased its importance, as it can be reached from Istanbul by train.

Sakarya combines the rural landscape in many of its areas, with the coastal atmosphere on the shores of the Black Sea, and finally the contemporary urban style and great urban development, so it is one of the most prolific Turkish cities with various real estate options from apartments for sale in Turkey, offices, shops, or land, etc.


Due to its location near to Istanbul, some believe that Kocali belongs to the Asian side of Istanbul, but it is in fact an independent and distinct state connected to Istanbul and Sakarya and close to Bursa, which makes it the closest point to the most important tourist cities.

The city is distinguished that it is suitable for industry, commerce, and agriculture, also real estate projects have increased recently with the increasing demand for apartments for sale, which has already made it a suitable city for both housing and real estate investment.

Types of Apartments in Turkey

There are many distinct options within the offers of apartments for sale in Turkey, and we can say that this country includes all types of apartments, let us introduce you to these types as we divided into categories:

Type and Sizes of Apartments

They are graded according to areas and patterns from smallest to largest as follows:

1- Studio

2- Room and hall                    it could be coded as   1+1.

3- Two rooms and a hall       it could be coded as    2+1.

4- Three rooms and a hall    it could be coded as    3+1.

5- Four rooms and a hall      it could be coded as    4+1.

6- Duplex "2-storey apartment".

7- Penthouse "3-storey apartment".

Apartments according to the nature of their construction

There are two types of apartments available in Turkey, according to the nature of the building:

1- Apartments of residential complexes.

2- Apartments in ordinary buildings.

Apartments according to their use

This division is for investment apartments, and we can talk about the following types:

1. Student residence apartments.

2. Family residence apartments.

3. Hotel apartments.

4. Home Office Apartments.

Costs of buying a home in Turkey

The cost of buying an apartment in Turkey varies depending on several factors, namely:

1. Location: State / City / Neighborhood/ district.

2. The size and style of the apartment.

3. Distance to transportation.

4. Distance to the sea.

5. Distance to commercial malls.

6. Distance to service facilities.

7. Apartment details: new or old? In a complex or outside? The look? floor?

Therefore, you cannot give a fixed price for an apartment in Turkey unless you know all the previous details. the huge difference in prices according to specifications and places is quite normal. But we can provide an overview of prices as follows:

1. The prices of apartments in tourist and major cities start from 60-70 thousand US dollars.

2. The prices of apartments in southern Turkish cities start from 40 thousand US dollars,

3. The prices of apartments in residential complexes usually start from 70 to 90 thousand US dollars,

4. The average price of a 3 + 1 family apartment is between 100 and 190 thousand US dollars,

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Legal Matters Concerning Buying Property in Turkey

After your search for apartments for sale in Turkey come to an end and you found your desired option, and reach an agreement with the buyer, then you have to do the following:

1. Extracting the Real Estate Appraisal document

2. Extract the (EKB): Energy Identity Document  

3. Writing the sales contract and certifying it from the Notary office

4. Transferring the ownership of the apartment to your name through the Title Deed Department (Tapu), and obtaining an official title deed in your name

5. Pay the Property Taxes required of you

6. DASK earthquake insurance payment

7. Transfer of water, electricity and gas meters to your name.

Thus, the apartment officially becomes your property, but you must hire an expert in real estate sales to ensure the legal integrity of all procedures and that the property or apartment is not mortgaged or is not included in a demolition scheme or some other issues.

Real estate residence and Turkish citizenship - Acquiring Property and Citizenship

There are two advantages of Acquiring Property in Turkey, which are having real estate residency and Turkish citizenship, and perhaps these two advantages are among the most important attractions that attract foreign real estate buyers and increase their demand for ownership in Turkey.

What are The advantages of real estate residence in Turkey

Real estate residency is a type of short-term residency in Turkey, granted for the first time for a period of one or two continuous years, and it can also be renewed annually, provided that the property remains in your name.

Among the advantages of this residence:

1. There is no minimum property price in order to obtain residency, meaning that if you buy any residential property in Turkey at any price, you can obtain real estate residency in the province of which you purchased

2. The spouse and children under the age of 18 can obtain the real estate residence permit along with the owner of the apartment and it can renew as well.

3. The holder of this residence permit enjoys full educational, health, and services rights in Turkey and can move freely within the Turkish states

4. The residence permit holder can travel outside Turkey and return without the need to issue a new visa

5. Unfortunately, the real estate residence cannot nominate you for Turkish citizenship even if you held it for many years.

but in general, obtaining Turkish citizenship can be considered a step to know life in Turkey and if you find yourself able to adapt to life and culture in Turkey you can establish a new start for you And your family, and you may consider acquiring Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

earning Turkish citizenship by buying apartments in Turkey had become very common Since 2017, where the government announced the new amendment to Turkish citizenship law to encourage investors around the world to real estate investing where in exchange for foreigners buying real estate in turkey the government provided many facilities to allow investors to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Among these facilities:

1. Reducing the minimum price of a property for Turkish citizenship from $1 million to a quarter of a million dollars in 2018.

2. In 2019, joint offices were established to shorten legal procedures and save time and effort for investors in general and real estate, in particular, to complete the Turkish citizenship transaction in record time and without complication.

In general, the idea of ​​granting Turkish citizenship to real estate investors is one of the most important components of the real estate market, not only in Turkey, but in several European countries where Real estate investment represents a wide door to obtaining European or American nationalities, but what distinguishes Turkey is:

1. Low value of the minimum price required for Turkish citizenship by investment.

2. Ease of legal procedures for real estate ownership.

3. There are no obstacles for many foreign nationalities to own property in Turkey.

Fanar realty services for those looking for an apartment for sale in Turkey

Fanar realty offers for those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey many distinctive services that facilitate the process of ownership and it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your dream, whether it is housing, real estate investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Where our services include:

1. Providing the strongest real estate offers at competitive prices and within the finest residential complexes in Istanbul

2. Accompanying the customer on a distinguished real estate tour so he can review the details and features of the apartments he has chosen

3. Follow up on all legal procedures for free real estate ownership.

4. Providing after-sales services such as opening water, electricity, and gas meters, purchasing furniture, and assisting with all services that ensure a safe and comfortable move to your new apartment.

5. Providing free Turkish citizenship consultation and real estate residence services

6. Provide all necessary consultations to you before, during, and after purchasing the apartment


In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary details about apartments for sale in Turkey to be a comprehensive guide for you to refer to and rely on in all steps of ownership and after. Fanar Realty experienced team is always ready to provide you with consultation and support you at every step to ensure you a special buying experience in Turkey.