Turkish Nationality by Real Estate Investment

Turkish Nationality by Real Estate Investment

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment is considered one of the most popular methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship used in Turkey, and this method gets great interest from foreign investors who wish to earn Turkish citizenship especially after all the law amendments and facilitates provided for investors. 

in this article, we will learn about obtaining citizenship in general and will focus on earning Turkish Citizenship by Investment and all related things in detail.

follow us in this article the learn all the information that interests you from our reliable sources, away from rumors and misleading news.


Turkish citizenship by real estate investment - conditions and steps

In order to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate, it is necessary to be familiar with the necessary conditions and regulations for Turkish citizenship applications and the steps of the application processing sequence.

 Fanar Realty has detailed all the information in this regard through the following:

   In addition to the general requirements, applicants to Turkish citizenship by real estate investments must meet extra conditions that apply only to them.

Requirements of Turkey citizenship by investment 

  • The applicant should not be from banded nationalities from owning properties in Turkey.
  • The price of the property's value should be at least 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.
  •  A real estate appraisal document proving that the price paid is appropriate for the property, and this document can be extracted from the title deed department.
  • Title deed document (Tapu).
  • The price of real estate is paid by bank transfer through Turkish banks.
  • Real estate used for obtaining Turkish citizenship must be mortgaged in the Title deed Department (Tapu)for a period of 3 consecutive years to ensure that it is not sold until the end of the mentioned period.

General Conditions of Acquiring Turkish citizenship:

all those who seek to obtain Turkish nationality must meet several requirements, no matter what method they are following to obtain citizenship:

  • The applicant must reach the age of maturity above 18 years old, and those under this age may be added if their father is the applicant
  • The applicant shows a sincere intention to settle in the Republic of Turkey, sometimes, proofs may be required such as starting an investment or a small business.  
  • Reside in Turkey for 5 continuous years. but applicants to Turkish citizenship by investments are excluded from This condition. 
  • He must be clear of any dangerous disease that may threaten the country.
  • To be of good manners and reputation, and usually require a “No Judgment” document.
  • He should not belong to groups or organizations that threaten national security.
  • Having a monthly income to support his living costs in Turkey.
  • he met at least one of the conditions of citizenship, such as marriage, investment, work ... etc.
  • The applicant must come in person for the interview at the Immigration Department of the state in which he lives.
  • Obtaining Turkish Citizenship via Investment - special note 

  • In general, applicants for Turkish citizenship are required to be fluent in the Turkish language, but it is not a mandatory condition for applicants to Turkish citizenship through real estate investments in Turkey, but it is better for you as a Turkish citizen to be good in the language spoken in the country.
  •  There is no specific type of real estate through which you can obtain Turkish citizenship, you are free to invest in whatever property you wish but the total investment value must be at least 250.000 $. 
  • You can obtain citizenship by buying real estate in several Turkish provinces, and it is not a requirement that the properties be in one province.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment | processing, and steps 

 In order to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, you must take the following steps:


  • Find the right real estate for you in which you can invest
  • Purchase suitable properties for citizenship-
  • Extract the real estate appraisal and make the payment via bank transfer.
  • registration of real estate ownership in the title deed.
  • Mortgage against a sale for these properties for a period of 3 years in the title deed department
  • After that, you go to the Immigration ministry in the state in which you stay and submit your application and wait for the interview date.
  • Attend the Turkish citizenship interview and get the code to follow up on the progressing of your file.
  • After that, the file will be studied through several stages, and then you will be informed of the decision to grant you Turkish citizenship
  • Your Turkish ID card will be sent to your home address.
  •  After receiving your ID card, you can directly apply for a Turkish passport.
  • One of the free services that Fanar Realty provides to real estate investors is, to follow up on the citizenship file and all the necessary legal procedures related to, through a Turkish lawyer and real estate and legal experts to obtain Turkish citizenship smoothly and without any obstacles.


Amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law through Real Estate Investment

Since the approval of the amendment to the Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in 2018, which reduced the minimum price of a citizenship property to 250 thousand US dollars, the Turkish government has issued several amendments and laws that control the Turkish citizenship granting process, let us introduce you to the most important one's: 

Regarding Turkish citizenship property 

  1.  Prevent resale of the property to its owner After earning the citizenship

 it is prohibited to resell the property that was used for earning citizenship to its first owner, and if this happens after the period of the three years of the selling ban, the government will classify this action as the action of fraud, and it may take serious procedures against both parties of the contract may reach up to the withdrawal of Turkish citizenship.


  1.   Prevent using of the same property twice for earning Turkish citizenship  

 Turkish law prohibits using properties that were used for obtaining Turkish citizenship for more than one investor and classify this action as a fraud.

  1.  selling the same property more than once for investors of the same nationality is considered a fraud. 

Regarding the pledge not to sell the property before 3 years 

Amendments of the pledge form include the buyer declaration of his awareness that Turkish law permits the cancellation of Turkish citizenship if proven His pledge violation and sold the property before the end of the legal period which is 3 years, and the pledge also includes an acknowledgment of his knowledge of the possibility of withdrawing Turkish citizenship if the submitted papers contained any false information.

Obtaining a Turkish passport by investment

 The method of obtaining a Turkish passport, in general, does not differ, regardless of the way in which you obtained citizenship.

To obtain a Turkish passport, you must have a Turkish identity card first, then follow the procedures mentioned in this article: Turkish Passport, which includes detailed information on the procedures required to obtain a Turkish passport, extracting fees, and some other related details.


Turkish citizenship by investment program

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment is part of a full citizenship program for foreign investors, which includes the following:

Turkish Citizenship by Bank Deposit

If a foreign investor deposits 500 thousand US dollars or more in a Turkish bank, he is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship, this method is considered more suitable for those who are prohibited from owning properties in Turkey, such as the "Syrians".

Turkish Citizenship by Investing in Projects

 If a foreign investor establishes a project in Turkey with a capital of at least 500 thousand US dollars, he can obtain citizenship according to Turkish laws. This method is suitable for those who seeking Turkish citizenship and investing in non-real estate investments at the same time, such as trade or import-export or other types of investments in Turkey that are available to foreigners. 

Turkish Citizenship by Provide Employment to 50 Turkish Citizens 

If you own a business or a company in Turkey with at least 50 employees minimum of Turkish citizens, you will be entitled to earn Turkish citizenship.


This article was a detailed and comprehensive report in which we reviewed the most important information that you need to know about Turkish citizenship by real estate investment and the most important details related to citizenship, passport, and investment in Turkey.

And Fanar Realty remains as you know it, the first trusted and reliable source for you in Turkey.

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