Apartments for sale in Istanbul is the phrase that preoccupies the minds of many foreigners who want to settle in this province, so we have prepared this comprehensive article with the most important details about the advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul, and real estate investment in Turkey, in addition to all important information about earning Turkish citizenship by investment, and buy an apartment in Istanbul, or any other properties.

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Where to look for apartments for sale in Istanbul


The process of searching for real estate and apartments in Istanbul is not an easy matter because we are talking about a wide and big market in the true sense of the word, but with Fanar Realty we will save you a great time and effort and will guide you through your search trip for your dream flat.

therefore, we divided the search methods according to purpose and aim from purchasing to the following:

Do you want an apartment in Istanbul to buy for purpose of living?  

All neighborhoods in Istanbul are suitable for living, especially for families, but there are places that have a preference for several considerations:

 -The distance from transportation

-The variety of job opportunities

 -Adapt to society and merge with the culture

-A high percentage of foreign communities especially Arabs.

-Being included within the urban transformation plan in Istanbul increases the value of its real estate for investment

-The location is near the tourism sites, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, and vital areas.

-Integrated government services

When the above-mentioned points are reasonably available, the idea of ​​housing becomes more positive and preferable, and here we refer to the most important districts in which these points are combined:

European Istanbul



Asian Istanbul



Again, in general, the appropriate place or district to live in is your choice, and you must choose it on what suits your personal, social, and economic circumstances.

 because One place may be the best choice for one person, while it is at the bottom of the list of options for another person.

we recommend you Check out each of the following articles:

Apartments for sale in Istanbul European side

 Apartments for sale in Istanbul Asian side

and if you are confused about choosing the right place for you to live, contact our advisory team at Fanar Realty to guide you to choose the perfect places that match your housing needs, and choose your apartment as well, and all other procedures routine and legal.

If your search for apartments for sale in Istanbul stems from an investment idea, and to benefit from the profits generated by real estate, you must decide which type of real estate investment you are considering, in order to narrow the process of searching. For example:

 Do you want hotel apartments in Istanbul?

 then you must think to search for your option in the Fatih or Beyoglu districts, considering these places are the closest to a large group of tourists sights and central areas, which makes them a destination for tourists all the time.

 Do you want a furnished apartment for rent in Istanbul?

 Here, you head towards the places where students and you men are present, or near the sea, to target the highest percentage of those who want a Furnished apartment and the best district to search in if this is your purpose are:




 In general, if you want to rent a furnished apartment you should choose your near one of the following locations:

 -the Bosphorus

-the Marmara Sea

 -any university in Istanbul

 -The medical city in Basaksehir

Do you want to give for rent an apartment in Istanbul for families on an annual basis?

 Esenyurt and Bahçeşehir districts in European Istanbul and Umraniye in Asian Istanbul are considered among the best areas for families to live, therefore we recommend you focus your search in these three areas because you will find a continuous demand for customers looking to rent apartment in Istanbul.

-Are you looking for pre-launch apartments in Istanbul?

 if this is the case you must pay attention to the areas that witness the largest wave of real estate construction, especially in residential compounds, therefore, your best option in the European part of the city is Basin Express, especially in the Bagcilar and Kucukcekmece regions, as for the Asian side, the best choice is: Kartal.

Do you want an apartment to sell after a period of time, regardless of the investment method?

for this case, any area is suitable for this purpose of buying, but when you take a look at the areas that are witnessing the greatest real estate development, you should definitely choose Esenyurt.

Are you looking for cheap apartments for sale or expensive apartments?

When you are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul that are suitable for most real estate buyers, especially those who do not have a high financial balance, you should think about owning in Silivri or Çatlıca.

 but when you look for expensive or luxurious apartments, you can look at Sisli and Sariyer as it considered the most expensive places in Istanbul

Do you want to own in a residential compound or outside the compound?

in general, All Istanbul districts include residential complexes in addition to regular real estate or residential buildings.

when looking for classy and quiet residential complexes you should think about both, Beşiktaş and Buyukcekmece, also don't forget the previously mentioned districts such as Basaksehir, Esenyurt, Kadikoy, and Uskudar.

as for places outside the residential complexes, the best on the list is the Fateh area, followed by Bagcilar and Esenler, as they are close to the city center and good for families.

Do you want to buy apartments in Istanbul for citizenship?

If you are looking for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property you have more than one choice where You can buy a group of apartments in one area, or in different places, according to your desire and ability to manage your properties.

Fanar realty has goldened offers suitable for real estate investment, housing, and citizenship together.

we strongly recommend you to take the advantage of our offers as it is carefully studied to achieve your goal of obtaining Turkish citizenship, along with other goals such as housing and investment.

 In short, all places of Istanbul are suitable for buying a property, apartment, or office, but the main idea that you should pay attention to is: Why are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul?

 when you find the answer, you will find the right location to choose your Istanbul flats.

 now let us introduce you to the second challenge in your trip to own a property which is learning about

 the apartments in Istanbul prices.

 knowing the price and how to provide good financing for the idea of ​​ownership, you have passed the most important points and you will be left with only the legal steps and routine procedures

Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Basaksehir Istanbul

apartments in Istanbul prices 2022

Last year witnessed a significant increase in real estate prices in Istanbul, where the price per square meter last year ranged between 3900 to 4200 Turkish liras, but with the great change in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against other currencies, prices witnessed a remarkable increase between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Expectations indicate that real estate prices, especially for apartments, will continue to rise during this year, and it would be the ideal opportunity to own property in Istanbul this year.

Square meter Prices in Istanbul Turkey

According to the latest real estate reports in Turkey, the average cost per square meter of apartments in Istanbul has reached about 6100 Turkish liras by the beginning of 2022

 real estate experts' expectations indicate that the average price per square meter may rise to 8000 Turkish liras by the end of this year.

which means that the price of an ordinary apartment in Istanbul of the area of ​​​​100 square meters is about 600 thousand Turkish liras at the average value, and this apartment itself can be sold at the end of the year for an estimated amount of about 800 thousand Turkish liras.

average price per square meter in Istanbul for some districts

If we want to talk about the Istanbul districts, each one separately we need many articles, we recommend you check these articles are on our blog to have more information and details about the advantages of each district, not only the price per square meter in it.

 therefore, in this article, we will settle for the latest statistics on real estate prices For Istanbul apartment sales, as it is shown in the following table:





Average price per square meter



In 2021



At the beginning of 2022


Expectation at the end of 2022


9.984 TL

21.251 TL

23.250 TL


11.501 TL

19.070 TL

21.000 TL


5.661 TL

12.308 TL

14.300 TL


8.561 TL

10.838 TL

12.850 TL

Princes' Islands

6.156 TL

10.676 TL

12.775 TL


7.779 TL

9.994 TL

12.000 TL


5.532 TL

7.604 TL

9.600 TL


5.740 TL

7.580 TL

9.600 TL


4.286 TL

7.522 TL

9.560 TL


3.796 TL

6.743 TL

8.770 TL

Eyüpsultan Eyüp

5.090 TL

5.860 TL

7.860 TL


4.004 TL

5.148 TL

7.300 TL


4.122 TL

5.099 TL

7.100 TL


3.480 TL

5.017 TL

7.000 TL


4.128 TL

4.950 TL

6.980 TL


3.899 TL

4.861 TL

6.900 T


3.362 TL

4.679 TL

6.800 TL


3.480 TL

4.795 TL

6.800 TL


3.771 TL

5.467 TL

6.575 TL


3.174 TL

4.340 TL

6.500 TL


3.571 TL

3.571 TL

6.500 TL


4.144 TL

4.474 TL

6.500 TL


3.482 TL

4.236 TL

6.330 TL


2.016 TL

4.023 TL

6.050 TL


2.515 TL

4.004 TL

6.000 TL


2.966 TL

4.073 TL

6.000 TL


3.094 TL

3.975 TL

5.990 TL


3.909 TL

3.909 TL

5.990 TL


3.002 TL

3.912 TL

5.975 TL


2.274 TL

3.684 TL

5.700 TL


2.706 TL

3.611 TL

5.625 TL


2.665 TL

3.566 TL

5.600 TL


3.412 TL

5.600 TL

5.600 TL


2.421 TL

3.125 TL

5.350 TL


2.463 TL

3.294 TL

5.300 TL


2.897 TL

3.090 TL

5.100 TL


1.969 TL

2.875 TL

4.900 TL


2.345 TL

3.252 TL

4.350 TL

Price of apartments in Istanbul in dollars

Many people wonder about prices in dollars, euros, or any other currency, for the fear of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against these currencies, but in general, we like to clarify some points:Price of apartments in Istanbul in dollars

-Exchange rate changes do not directly affect real estate prices but affect the long-term therefore Any price you find in the Turkish lira is the real price of the apartment.

-The exchange rate of the Turkish lira ranges between 12 to 14 lira for every dollar, so it is normal to find the price of flats Istanbul can be expressed as follows:

Type of apartment for sale Istanbul

 -Small apartments: the price ranges between 40 to 60 thousand Dollars

-Medium-sized apartments: the price ranges between 80 to 130 thousand dollars

 -Large and spacious apartments: their prices start from 140 thousand US dollars.

 -As for buying real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship, is it only requires a minimum price of 250 thousand US dollars.

Related real estate statistic

Those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul are interested in learning more about statistical, numbers, and revenue percentages that help them draw the features of their investment plan in Istanbul real estate, and the most important of these statistics are:

 -Average years of capital recovery: 20 years Average monthly increase in real estate prices: 3.34%

-Average rental of Apartment in Istanbul for100 square meters: 2750 Turkish lira

-The annual increase in apartment rents in Istanbul: about 15%.

For more information about real estate prices in Istanbul, we advise you to read the article:

prices of houses for sale in turkey

Despite the relatively high prices of Istanbul apartments, there is always a great demand for offers for sale in this city.

 Have you asked yourself about the reasons for the increasing demand for houses to buy in turkey?

 Let us answer you in the next paragraph.

The secret of the increasing demand for Istanbul apartments

In fact, it is not a single secret, but a lot of secrets that Istanbul gathers in its corners to have the largest percentage of real estate sales in Turkey. Real estate transactions outside the title deed department in Istanbul are equal to 48% of the total real estate transactions in all Turkish states. You can imagine the advanced position that the state of Istanbul has!

 The real estate sales in Istanbul alone are equivalent to the total real estate sales in more than 80 other Turkish states combined, and this ratio can be explained after carefully studying the attraction elements in Istanbul that push people to own and invest in such a promising district.

 Advantages of buying property in Istanbul

A large part of the importance of Istanbul apartments is due to the advantages that this promising city has, which we can mention the most important in the following points:

-The beauty of nature and its temperate climate

-A lot of charming coasts

-The prestigious tourist value of the city

 -Deep-rooted historical and archaeological status

 -Istanbul has an interconnected network of transportation that facilitates movement in it and makes life more comfortable and flexible.

 -In Istanbul, you can find the finest educational, health, and service facilities not only at the level of the Turkish Republic but at the level of the entire European continent.

-Istanbul is considered the best Turkish province for work and study; therefore, it is the preferred place for families.

-In the recent period, the influx of foreigners to Istanbul has increased, which encouraged the investors to come, and made ​​​​living in Istanbul one of the popular ideas among foreign communities.

 -Istanbul's strong infrastructure, especially the major projects such as the new airport, Istanbul Canal, and the Medical City all contributed greatly to encouraging real estate investment and launched the "real revolution" in the real estate world in Istanbul.

Therefore, do not be surprised when you find intensive promotion campaigns for apartments for sale in Istanbul filling the screens and social media, because a city in the size and position of Istanbul should be the focus of attention for those looking for apartments and real estate.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul

the general advantages of investing in Istanbul real estate by buying apartments in Istanbul for investment is increasing year by year, and in general 2022 is considered an important year for real estate investing for several reasons:

-The end of previous crises that affected the economic sector in general, whether on a global level, such as the Corona crisis or on a local level, such as the Turkish lira crisis.

-Continuity the advanced real estate projects and strong infrastructure

-The recovery of the tourism sector in Istanbul with the increase in its activities and fields and take advantage of the high exchange rate for the Dollar in this period

- Continuity urban transformation projects in Istanbul and transforming rural areas into modern residential areas

-The opening date of the Istanbul Water Canal is approaching, which will contribute to a real estate revolution in the true sense of the word.

-The improvement of Turkish political relations with several countries, which leads to a great return to investments in general and the real estate sector in particular.

-The annual increase in the population of Turkey, and the number of foreign residents, all provide a large demand list for apartments, whether to own or to rent, which may raise the prices of apartments in Istanbul significantly this year.

Istanbul Population Demographics

 Istanbul is a city rich in population, individuals, and families of citizens, or foreigners, and this is considered an important feature and factor for real estate investors, and even for those who want to settle and live in the city.

 there is an old saying that says: “Paradise without people is not trampled!!” So how it would be like if Paradise and people meet in one place and this is Istanbul, therefore it is considered the first destination for every smart investor.

Let us introduce you to the demographics in Istanbul:

Istanbul population 2021

The population of Istanbul is currently 15.5 million, meaning that 18.7% of Turks live in this city, and this is a very large percentage, in addition to the fact that the city receives approximately 1.2 million foreign residents, besides to millions of tourists who spend relatively long periods of the year in it and that indicates that this city is suitable for earl estate investing due to the constant need for apartments for sale in Istanbul whether furnished and unfurnished to cover the needs of families, individuals, and tourists who are in the city throughout the year.

Age of the population in Istanbul

The age groups of the population in any area are important to know the vitality of the city, and recent statistics from the population Department in Turkey have declared the following data:

Age group

Percentage of population

14 years and under


15 to 24 years


25 to 34 years


35 to 44 years


45 to 54 years


55 to 64 years old


65 years and over



The highest percentage of the population of Istanbul is the productive youth between 25 to 45 years, with a percentage of 34.5%, which means about 5.3 million people in Istanbul are in productive age, and capable to work.

furthermore, this productive value of society formed a strong bond between real estate investing and urban development in the region.


Statistics of the civil status of the population of Istanbul

 According to the Official Statistics Civil Administration in the city, the details of the civil status of the population are:

Civil status

percentage of the population










So we can say that there are about 9 million families living in Istanbul, and this number means that it is unlikely to experience a recession in the real estate market in this city due to the great need for housing and homes.

Of course, here we had addressed the demographics of Turkish citizens only who live in Istanbul, and certainly, studying apartments demographics of foreign residents and tourists means a lot to real estate investors and increases their motivation to own property and simplify the search for apartment for sale in Istanbul.


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