Apartments for sale in Istanbul is the phrase that preoccupies the minds of many foreigners who want to settle in this state, so we have prepared this comprehensive article with the most important details about the advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul, and real estate investment in it, in addition to all the important information about obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing Apartment in Istanbul, or any other type of real estate.

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Why are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is a vital city that attracts great real estate investment, and this is what makes the idea of ​​buying or investing in apartments a popular idea for those wishing to develop their money or obtain large profits, and for those looking for a suitable environment for real estate investment.

All this is due to the advantages that Istanbul enjoys, the most important of which can be mentioned in the following points

  • beauty of nature

  • Many coasts

  • The touristic position of the city

  • Its historical and archaeological status

  • Istanbul has an interconnected network of transportation that facilitates movement in it, and makes life more comfortable and flexible

  • In Istanbul, you can find the finest educational, health and service facilities not only in Turkey, but also on the whole European continent.

  • Istanbul is considered the best Turkish state for work and study, and therefore is the preferred place for families

  • In the recent period, the influx of Arab and foreign communities to Istanbul has increased, which opened the way for investors to come and made the idea of ​​​​residing in Istanbul one of the popular ideas among Arab circles

  • Istanbul's strong infrastructure, especially its major projects such as the new airport, Istanbul Canal, and the Medical City all contributed greatly to encouraging real estate investment and the latest what can be called a "real revolution" in the real estate world in Istanbul

This explains the recent filling of media screens and social media with advertisements about apartments for sale in Istanbul  and the numbers that talk about the volume of real estate sales in Istanbul and for foreigners in particular confirm what we have received about the increasing search for homes for sale in Istanbul significantly.

Advantages of owning and investing an apartment in Istanbul


The first question that comes to your mind when searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul is what are the advantages that I will get if I own an apartment in this city? Or the advantages that I will get from investing in buying, selling or renting apartments in Istanbul?

Here are the main advantages that await you:

  • Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a safe option for long-term investment, due to the political and social stability that the region enjoys, and thanks to its vitality and the growth of mega projects in it.

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  • Istanbul has attractive natural areas that add a charming touch to life in it, such as Bahcesehir located in the heart of orchards and green spaces, or Besiktas overlooking the Bosphorus, or Uskudar, which is called the Asian pearl of Istanbul and other areas of beautiful nature.

  • Owning an apartment in Istanbul is a smart choice to keep your money away from fluctuations in exchange rates

  • The great interdependence between the real estate sector in Istanbul and other important economic sectors such as tourism, and as Istanbul is a pioneer in the field, it is thus the first choice for those wishing to invest in hotels, hotel apartments and tourist real estate in general.

  • Istanbul has vibrant and promising neighborhoods, is witnessing an urban renaissance and a real construction revolution, and is a preferred destination for investors such as the areas: Başakşehir, Arnavutkoy, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü

  • Transportation in Istanbul helps promote the idea of ​​investing in it and housing, especially the Metrobus line, which has revolutionized real estate prices in many central and peripheral neighborhoods of Istanbul

In short, if we want to compare the percentage of ownership in Istanbul compared to the rest of the Turkish states, half of the foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey prefer Istanbul real estate, and this is proven by the periodic statistics of real estate sales in Turkey.


Apartments for sale in Istanbul in the residential complexes

It is not enough to choose Istanbul to consider yourself as having purchased an ideal apartment, or suitable for your ambitions and desires for a happy life or successful investment. You must pay attention to the residential complexes in Istanbul, as it is the best destination for Arabs and foreigners for the following reasons:

  • The high investment value of apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul

  • There is great competition between construction companies in Istanbul that allows for special offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul

  • Services and entertainment within the residential complexes

  • Security and protection around the clock

  • Independence and absolute comfort within the complexes

  • Distinguished engineering designs, good care of apartments and excellent finishing

  • All types of apartments for sale in Istanbul are available in complexes from studios to penthouses and duplexes.

  • Good prices compared to the luxury of life

  • Most of the offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul within residential complexes are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship

  • Residential complexes provide green spaces and places for shopping or restaurants and cafes, which guarantees you an integrated and ideal life par excellence

  • Investing in apartments under construction in Istanbul, especially in complexes, is one of the most powerful investment ideas that achieve a quick and distinctive profit return.

  • Most of the residential complexes in Istanbul have government guarantees

  • Many Istanbul complexes provide convenient options for paying the price of the property in installments.

Apartments in European Istanbul

The European part enjoys the largest share of real estate sales to foreigners in Istanbul, due to several considerations of interest to those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul which are:

  • Most of the major vital projects are owned by the European section

  • The European side of Istanbul is more developed and modern and has greater job opportunities

  • The center of Istanbul is located on the European side

  • The tourist areas in European Istanbul are more than Asian Istanbul

  • The population density in Istanbul, Europe is greater

  • Residential complex projects on the European side are larger

  • Arab communities in Istanbul, Europe more

  • The coasts of the European side more

  • The area of ​​the European section is larger

  • The new Istanbul Canal will go to the European section of Istanbul

This does not mean that the Asian side is not good for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the contrary, you may find many options that suit you in Uskudar, Umraniye, Pendik or other Asian neighborhoods.

Also, the Bosphorus Strait gives a double aesthetic to the European and Asian sides alike, so new real estate projects are growing around it.

Istanbul apartments with excellent engineering design and finishing

One of the things that increase the importance of apartments in Istanbul is that they are characterized by external and internal engineering designs, attractive decorations, and an organized distribution of rooms with high-quality finishing.

Turkish architects are also considered one of the best architects in the world, and Turkish construction companies participate in many urban projects around the world, and the pavilions of international real estate exhibitions in Paris, Dubai, Doha and others have always been decorated with designs of modern Turkish real estate projects.

In most of the offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul you can notice all of the following:

  • Good distribution of rooms and utilities inside the apartment

  • High-quality investment per square meter of the apartment

  • Use of high quality building materials

  • Use of the finest quality in decorations

  • Kitchens and bathrooms are distinguished by a distinctive décor and the use of high-quality marble

  • Professional installations of gas, water and electricity

  • Many modern apartments in Istanbul rely on the smart home system

  • The heating and cooling systems in Istanbul apartments, especially in the complexes, are central and advanced systems.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul - spaces, styles and prices

The real estate market in Istanbul is one of the most prolific real estate markets with offers, especially apartments, in terms of spaces, styles and prices, which meets all real estate tastes and achieves the aspirations that real estate investors seek to achieve.

Apartment spaces in Istanbul and styles

The spaces range from approximately 45 to 300 square meters per apartment, and the average space ranges between 125 to 160 square meters, which is the appropriate space for the average Arab family.

In terms of styles, they are:

  • 0 + 1 It is called the studio apartment, which is suitable for students and young people, as it is not suitable for families

  • 1 + 1 room and hall, which is also suitable for students and young people, or small families only "husband and wife"

  • 2+1 two rooms and a hall, suitable for small families

  • 3 + 1 three rooms and a hall, suitable for small and medium families

  • 4+1 four rooms and a hall, suitable for medium and rather large families

  • Duplex apartments, which consist of two floors, are suitable for large families, and these apartments have many types and may have more than one hall according to the design of the apartment and its area.

The most sold apartments are of the type of two rooms and a hall and three rooms and a hall. In terms of investment, the best is a room and a hall, especially for investment in tourist apartments in Istanbul

Of course, Fanar Realty Company considers very carefully the requirements of the customer in terms of space and apartment style, and it has a large data of real estate offers in all sizes and styles suitable for everyone.

When you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with specific specifications related to space and style, you will definitely find your request at Fanar Realty 

Apartment prices in Istanbul

The price of the apartment in Istanbul is one of the most important things that stop the buyer during his journey in search of apartments for sale in this state, and this matter is the focus of our attention in Fanar Realty Company for sure and we pay special attention to it, as we are keen to be the real estate option that we offer to our customer at a price commensurate with His budget or the money he makes in order to buy an apartment in Istanbul

Types of apartments in Istanbul according to their prices

Here, three types of apartments can be distinguished in terms of prices:

  • Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul : their prices are suitable for people with limited income, and their prices are often between 50 and 90 thousand US dollars

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul at good prices: the apartments whose price ranges between 90 to 150 thousand US dollars

  • Apartments for sale suitable for people with high incomes: the price ranges between 150 and 250 thousand US dollars

Factors affecting the price of an apartment in Istanbul

Many factors play an important role in determining the price of the apartment to be sold in Istanbul, and the most important of these factors are:

Neighborhood or region:

Where there are very high-end areas where the price of a square meter exceeds 2000 dollars, where to buy an apartment of 100 square meters, in the style of two rooms and a hall, you may need an amount of 200 thousand dollars if the apartment is in the Sariyer area, for example.

Likewise, when we talk about an apartment for sale in Esenyurt, we will find that it is lower in price than an apartment for sale in Beylikdüzü with the same specifications and area.

Proximity to vital areas:

The price of the apartment in Istanbul increases whenever the apartment is close to transportation or vital projects, such as hospitals, bridges, universities, entertainment cities, commercial malls, the coast or the main squares in the same neighborhood..etc.

Apartments near the metro station, for example, are more valuable than apartments far from this station in the same neighborhood, so you can measure the cost and cheapness of apartments in Istanbul if they are in one area

Is the apartment in an apartment complex?

If the apartment is in one of the Istanbul complexes, its price will certainly be much more expensive than the prices of the apartments in the same neighborhood, but outside the residential complexes

This is due to the services provided by the complex, and the special specifications for housing in Istanbul complexes, where various service facilities, recreational facilities and many advantages that add touches of happiness and comfort to those wishing to live in Istanbul are available.

Apartment interior specifications:

Also, when looking at apartments for sale in Istanbul it must be taken into account that larger spaces, for example, are more expensive, and the location of the apartment in the building plays a role in determining its price. Apartments on the third and fourth floors are more valuable than apartments on the ground floor or basement.

In addition, the interior decoration of the apartment, the distribution of rooms, and many other interior features can be the important player in determining the price of the apartment


The view of the apartment plays an important role in determining its price, as the apartments overlooking the sea have a higher price than similar apartments, but they do not have this view.

Also, the view of the green spaces is a favorite feature for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and thus they appreciate the importance of paying more money to own these features.

Investing in buying an apartment in Istanbul


When you search for an apartment for sale in any of Istanbul’s neighborhoods, whether the European or Asian side, you will find Fanar Realty the best help for you in that, and you will find in its services the shortest way to achieve your dream of owning real estate in Istanbul, we in Fanar offer each of the following services:

  • Searching for an apartment suitable for you, through a wide data of real estate offers in all neighborhoods of Istanbul and in its most prestigious residential complexes, at prices that are suitable for you and with specifications that exactly match what you are looking for

  • We accompany you on a real estate tour on the most important offers suitable for you according to the tour program that we prepare together and in the appropriate time periods for you


We always welcome you and assure you that Fanar Realty is your beacon in Istanbul, and it is the best choice for you to own and invest in and realize your dream of living in the finest apartments in Istanbul

  • We help you in all procedures of buying an apartment, whether routine or legal procedures

  • Registration of the apartment in the title deed department

  • Extracting the real estate appraisal document

  • Extracting the energy identity document for the property

  • Providing after-sales services for those who want it

  • Free real estate residence services

  • Legal services to obtain Turkish citizenship for free

  • All real estate consultations are free of charge

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